Team Design & Effectiveness

An executive search assignment is rarely about pure vacancy-filling – finding an exact replica to replace the departing post-holder. Businesses experience such rapid change in their environment that we are usually helping a client to upgrade their function as a response to growth, a turnaround situation or a change in capability – such as digitalisation or new markets.

Team Design

We can bring our experience of team and job design to bear in these circumstances, combined with our consulting skills, to help you think through what capabilities you need. Whether for a single hire or a whole new capability, we can help you:

  • Refine the goals and purpose of the role or team
  • Define the job content, key deliverables and the target operating model
  • Map the market to inform the role/team design, the strength of the candidate market and the remuneration packages – avoiding impossible or rare combinations of skills and experience.

Recent examples include:

  • Advising a client on the creation of a new Change Management function in the business of up to 10 roles – helping to specify the roles they would perform, the skills required, the target operating model and the seniority and package required; balancing the ideal team design with what was available in the market.
  • Supporting a client with the upgrading of their entire HR team – from a new HRD to new leaders of the talent, HR ops and Learning & Development functions. We supported the client in defining the requirements of the team, evaluating the market for their sector and defining packages

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Team and Individual Leadership Effectiveness:

Getting the design right for a role or team is an essential step but teams and individuals sometimes need coaching to help them realise their true potential. We have a great network of executive coaches, career coaches and team effectiveness coaches whom we can introduce you to on a confidential basis.

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