Growth businesses and those with a need for a continuous supply of fresh talent can get bogged down in forever recruiting in a reactive way to new vacancies. The ability to fill a vacancy is always limited by the talent available and active in the market right now.

We offer an alternative approach, which is to nurture future talent in the external market, candidates who might not be ready yet to join the company or for whom there is currently no vacancy. We call this our FutureTalent™ service.

One of our current clients is using this service to help it respond to 20% year-on-year growth, at a time when its employer brand is not well understood in the market and yet they need to attract some of the best talent in their field in large numbers.

We map the market, identify potential candidates, approach and engage them, evaluate their suitability for the future and then motivate them to be added to the future talent pool.

We combine digital technology with our research and candidate management skills to build and nurture such a growing talent pool, “selling” the business to them as a future career prospect and helping the client to gradually engage them with the business through a dedicated micro-site and events.

We give the client visibility on the status of each candidate in our client portal, the LiveList™, enabling the tracking and evaluation of a pipeline of candidates over months and years.

Please contact us for more information about FutureTalent™ and our innovative commercial model, whatever the size of your future talent ambitions.